north-alabamaprogressivesWelcome to what we hope will be a repository of information for various progressive-minded organizations in North Alabama. Many of us in the community felt overwhelmed by all of the groups that popped up after the election to help call for action and monitor cabinet appointments and community needs. Several volunteers are working each week to gather important information from political gatherings to charitable events as well as action items and protest organizations and articles of note and we will try to publish all of that here as well as send it out in a weekly newsletter. If you’d like to get the newsletter please fill in the “SUBSCRIBE” box on the sidebar or email us at nalprogressives@gmail.com.

This is a work in progress. Here are some places around the site you might find useful:

And here are some of the resources we use when gathering local information/events:

If you can help or would like to add something to the newsletter or the calendar, please email us.

The North Alabama Progressives Team